USS Newport News, CA-148.
    US Navy Heavy Cruiser

    This section is a reprint from an article describing the building of my radio control model of the USS Newport News, published in the March & May 1996 issues of "Scale Ship Model" Magazine. Click on the anchor icon to enter each page.

        Chapter 1; Introduction.

        Introduction of article; Background and history of the USS Newport News; A little talk about the most important secrets of building great scale models and having fun at the same time. A bit about the research involved before starting this model. Then getting started by laying and building the frame work. Plus a couple of pictures.

        Chapter 2; Power, Electronics, Deck.

        The electronics and power system that filled the hull's interior. Building the deck and superstructure. The lighting system for this model. Building the gun turret then making them look damaged. Adding detail to the ship to make it look real. Selecting, modifying and painting figures to look like sailors working on board. And yes, Pictures. A couple of close ups showing the detail and crew members working on the damage Turret. The nightmare of installing the railing, the madness of painting the model and a few closing notes.

        Chapter 3; Pictures of Newport News Model.

        17 Black & white thumbnail pictures, showing different stages of the building process. Click on any B&W .jpg and you will get a large color picture of that picture.

      Home Page for the USS Newport News CA148  Home page for the US Navy, Heave Cruiser, USS Newport News.

        A Place to learn about the US Navy Heavy Cruiser, USS NEWPORT NEWS CA-148, that the above model was made to represent. Crew members pages where for old shipmates to get together. Also pictures and history of this famous Navy Combat Ship.

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    USS Newport News, CA-148
    (radio control model)

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